My TED-like Talk

Today I presented my TED-like Talk. My Ted Talk was about the Duke vs UNC rivalry and who is more superior in sports.

I first had this idea to chose this topic when my friends were talking about who was better Duke or UNC. I thought that would be a great topic for my TED-like Talk. In my presentation, I started adding stats about UNC and Duke and who was better at sports. I also looked up some really cool facts about the Duke vs UNC rivalry. Next, I started working on my slides.

At the start of my slideshow, I started by asking the class who likes Duke or UNC. Most people picked Duke, which was really disappointing. Next, I showed the stats, and who had more championships. The best stat in my opinion was UNC had 21 more women’s soccer championships. In one of my slides, I drew some basketball players in black and white, and asked my class who they were. Then I showed my favorite slide in my Ted Talk. The slide had  two videos. The first video was when Caleb Love hit a three to lead UNC to beating Duke in the Final Four. I also showed a video clip when Christian Laettner hit the game winning shot against Kentucky to win the NCAA title. My next slide had some facts about the Duke vs UNC rivalry, and my favorite fact was that there was a trophy UNC or Duke could only win called the Carlyle Cup. By the way, Duke won 3 times and UNC won 7 times. My final slide said the teams are equal is sports and it’s your opinion who you like.

This is what I chose for my TED-like Talk presentation. I hope you liked reading about my topic, and if you are now a UNC you are very cool.



Tree Books



Back in January, we started making a tree book. This was a lot of making the tree book, especially looking at my finished project. Before I start writing about how I made the tree book and more. I would like to give a big thank you to the person that made this all possible Ms.Donnelly by having this amazing idea to make tree books. Another person I want to thank is Peg Gignoux for helping us make the tree books.

I first started making my tree book by using Akua inks and leaves. We mixed colors together to make interesting colors. Next, I pressed a roller on the paper and leaves. Now I cut the cool leaves that were imprinted on the paper. We cut out cardboard that we painted to look like trees. Next, we added abstract pieces  I made for my book. I made three writing pieces.

The first writing piece I made was My Roots. I wrote about my dad, and how he pushed me to become a better soccer and basketball player. Also to become a better human. I also wrote about how he gives me pointers even though I don’t want to hear about it. The last thing I wrote about was how I lived in South Korea for 7 years and my dad and I did not know any English and learned a lot about Korean living there and their religion.

The second piece I made was my Life List where we set a bunch of goals that I want to accomplish someday. Some of the goals might not have been realistic. For example, going to mars, but when we wrote the life list in April. I have now achieved 5 of the goals I wrote. I hope to achieve more goals as I grow up. I would also highly suggest trying this out, and seeing how many accomplishments you make.

The third and final piece I made was my poem called When this is over. This poem is about never taking for granted the stuff that I treasure so much. For example, going trick or treating with my best friends. Then I wrote how when Covid-19 ends we should always remember how lucky we are.

This is what my tree book was about, and I really loved making the tree books and looking at the finished project. I have a tree joke in honor of the tree books.

What did the tree say when the end of school was near?

What a re-leaf.





Stock Project

In the last three months of Language Arts, we have got to pick up to 6 stocks. The language arts class made spreadsheets with Mrs. Sprague. Next, we got to use 20,000 dollars so I picked Costco, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Signature Bank, and Home Depot with the help of Milan. Most of the reasons I picked the stocks is because most of them I knew in real life and went there.

This is what my summary would be: The first couple of weeks I was doing okay because we just started the stocks. I kept checking the stocks because it’s really fun to see what’s doing well and not. For example, Costco went really high up and was Green for the whole 3 months besides the end. At my highest peak on 4/21/22 I had 2235.48 dollars. That was the most I had by a mile. Now last week I was in the negative.

These are some of the key points that I learned from playing the stocks game for 3 months. The first thing I learned is that stocks can change really quickly like one week when I was on top of the world. Now I am in the negative and regretting all my decisions. I also have never tried stocks, and I think it’s super interesting that stocks can drop by so much in just one or two days. Another idea I learned is to pick 1 or 2 stocks because then you don’t get a bunch of money if you pick around 6, but if you pick one stock then you could make a bunch of money or be in the negative. I was always in the positive by a lot, but of course the week we have to finish I am in the negative.

Finally, I would highly recommend trying out stocks and don’t get stressed if your stocks go down because they will always go up. I hope you try stocks in real life. It’s super fun and you could make money or lose.


We Went to the Planetarium!


Last week my school went on a field trip. Not only was going to the Planetarium fun, but this will also be a big memory for me because I have not been on a field trip in a very long time. First, we were separated into three buses. Then we went in two groups and went to a science show and my favorite part was when the nitrogen went on the ground and it was super satisfying. Next, we went to the exhibits and learned a lot about coastal fences. We went to eat lunch, which was fun because I was really hungry at the time. Right after that, we walked around the UNC campus, but unfortunately, I didn’t see any of the basketball players. We went to the dome, which was my favorite part. One of the reasons this was my favorite part is because it was like watching TV all around you. We mostly learned about what it’s like to be in space and what happens to you. This is what I learned and love about the planetarium. 

Read This Book Now!

Book 1

I recommend this series Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. In this book, there are 12 districts. The main character lives in district 12. Her name is Katniss Everdeen and is 16-years-old. Every year 2 people that are 12-18 from every district get picked to go to the Hunger Games, and only one player will come out. Do you think the main character will go to the Hunger Games or someone she truly loves? Find out by reading the first book then read the sequels, because they are really well done as well. I really like this book because after every chapter it ends off on a cliffhanger. Another reason this book is so amazing is that this book is always unpredictable and really makes you feel part of the book. My favorite part about this book is that it really makes you hate the character or makes you feel emotions. This is why I really recommend this awesome book.



Book 3

The book I am currently reading is the third book of the Hunger Games series. I can’t say any introduction, because you would have to read the first two books, but this book is awesome. My favorite book of the series is still book two, but this book is still great. The reason this book was so good is that there were so many unexpected changes that you would never expect. The very beginning is a little slow, but trust me it gets good quick. Anyways my only hint which you won’t understand until you read the second book and the third is “White roses.” I really hope you read the Hunger Games series and find out what my riddle means. If you do find out what my riddle means, comment down below. I hope you have a great day.

The Wisdom Tale (Paca and Beetle)

First, I will answer the question you are probably confused about: what is a wisdom tale? Wisdom tales are made all over the world, that are passed down from generation to generation and have their own morals, and their own stories. Then one woman had a genius idea to put all the wisdom tales together named Heather Forest. 

The wisdom tale I chose is called Paca and Beetle. The reason I chose this wisdom tale is because I really thought this was really interesting and I thought the moral was very thoughtful. This wisdom tale starts off with a Paca and a Beetle. The Paca is very arrogant (Membean word) and likes to show off. Then a bird comes along and challenges the Paca and the Beetle to a race and the winner would win a coat of their desire. The Paca got cocky and decided to take a nap. Later the bird declared that the Beetle won. The Paca was confused and later learned that the Beetle had wings, just he never bragged about his wings.

I first went to Comic Life 3 to pick a design I wanted, but I decided to make my own comic because I could use as many boxes as I wanted. So if you want to use Comic Life 3 I can tell you how. First, you press the plus sign in the top left corner. Then you press create a comic. Now you have a choice of making your own comic or a comic they created. So if you ever used Comic life 3 tell me if you have any questions or thoughts by typing it in the comment section.  


Who I Think Is Going To Win the Super Bowl

Before I say who I think will win, this is just my opinion. Also ,don’t be mad if I was right. So I know that the Buccaneers have a good chance of winning, but since Fournette is injured and Godwin then I doubt they can win. I think the Chiefs will win the AFC because the Bills are not better than the Chiefs. Also, if the Bengals play against the Chiefs they have Jamar Chase (Mr.Dropsalot) the Bengals  also have Joe Mixon who is good, but doesn’t give the ball to him that much. They also have my fantasy saver Tee Higgins who will get 3 touchdowns or not make a single catch. The Bengals also have Joe Burrow who is going to get nervous because he is young and has never played in the wildcard. I think the Rams are going to win the NFC. The reason I think that is because they got my man Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, and Von Miller. That is just on defense. For offense they have Cooper Kupp, and OBJ. People might think that the Green Bay Packers will win the NFC, but I think that The Rams have more talent. Also, the Packers have Aaron Rodgers who is amazing, but you don’t even know if he will play in the game for how ridiculous Aaron Rodgers is. They have Davante Adams who is great without any question. They have Aaron Jones who is good, but he won’t get too many touches. They have Jaire Alexander who will be coming back from injury so he probably won’t be 100%. Also their best offensive blocker will be injured so that won’t make Aaron Jones’s job harder. So if my prediction is right Chiefs vs Rams. I would hope that the Rams would win, but I have a feeling that if none of the players on the Chiefs get injured, then the Chiefs are probably going to win. Also if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl then Patrick Mahomes might have a chance at winning MVP. This is who I think will win the Super Bowl, so if you disagree with what I have to say or agree, put it in the comments.

Daily Habits


In our 6th grade Language Arts B class we began planking on September 13, 2021 and finished during the week of Thanksgiving, November 23, 2021. We began with a 30 second plank  and added 15 seconds every week until we got to 3 minutes and beyond. Before we did the habit of doing a plank for 30 seconds then adding 15 by every week. I could only do a 1 minute plank. Now after doing the daily habit for two months I can do a 5 minute and one second plank.

I learned that if you do something every day you can accomplish that goal that you have. I also learned that not everything is impossible as long as you work to that goal for a long time. One of the challenges that I had to overcome is to believe in myself, and not to doubt yourself because it’s not just about strength it’s also your mindset. Another challenge I overcame was just holding the plank because when you do a plank it feels like your core is disintegrating (Membean word).

The progress I had was very noticeable because I can hold a plank for longer then I ever thought. Also, my progress has been a huge change from 1 minute plank to more then 3 minutes. Now that I can do a plank for so long I feel so robust (Membean word). My daily habit was to juggle the soccer ball for 15 minutes, but now I decided to make my new daily habit to hang on the pull up bar. The reason I chose this daily habit is because I want to be able to do pull ups, so I think it would be helpful to be able to hang on the pull up bar for a while. Also, once I get really good at hanging on the bar. I will change my habit to seeing how many pull ups I can do.

Window or Mirror



We chose one book that would be a window or a mirror. A mirror is something you can relate to that is in the book. A window is something you can’t relate to and never experienced. The book I read is the Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins. I know this book is a window because the Hunger Games is where 24 tributes kill each other until there is one left. There has never been a Hunger Games in the actual world so I cannot relate. Another reason this is a window is because there are districts and some districts are where the rich people live and some districts are where the poor live. Also, the main character is really poor and has to hunt for her family’s food. By the way, she has a sister, and I am an only child. She also has to trade at the hob because that is where she gets her money for her family. My final reason is the main character is a girl and I am a boy. This concludes why this story is a window for me.

My Backpack



What’s in My Backpack?

We read a book about Finding Someplace. The main character is named Reesie and on her 13th birthday it had to be canceled because of hurricane Katrina. Reesie had to pick what she valued most and she had only one backpack to bring. So this is what I would put in my backpack if I was running away from a hurricane.

The larger part in my backpack that I brought is food that is Lays Classic chips, fruit, Z-bar, candy and a Chicken bone. This is because I will need a lot of food because there might be no more food. I also brought electronics like an iPhone , an iPhone charger and an Xbox. The reason I choose this is because this  would keep me updated on the news, and keep me entertained whenever I am really bored. Also, I brought a soccer ball so that way I won’t be insanely bored, and I could practice to become the new Messi. Another thing I brought is headphones because I could listen to music while practicing soccer, because that helps me focus. Another important item is my water bottle because you will need to drink lots of water. A fun fact is the average males drinks 15.5 of water cups everyday and the average woman drinks 11.5 cups of water every day. I brought books in my backpack like Percy Jackson and Kwame Alexander books. This is what I put .

In  the pocket of my backpack. I brought cash because I would need cash, because you never know when you will have to buy more food or really anything you need. I also might need a pocket knife because just in case someone tries to steal my bag or if I need to make a fire I could use a pocket knife.The last item I put is my mask because if a fire went off or something with COVID I would need a mask.

This is why I would bring these fourteen items that I thought would be good to bring in my backpack